Advantages of Pultruded Composites

  1. Lightweight = ease of transport: Pultruded composites are much lighter than the equivalent metallic products; this gives a large advantage in transportation.
  2. Easier and faster installation: Since pultruded products are very light, they can be transported to difficult locations and assembled / installed very easily.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Pultruded composites show excellent corrosion resistance, even in very aggressive environments.
  4. Electrical insulation: Pultruded composites do not need “earthing”; this represents a big saving both for installation and during use.
  5. Maintenance: Pultruded composites show excellent resistance to corrosion and therefore give increased durability with minimum maintenance.
  6. Electromagnetic transparency: ATP’s pultruded composites have been qualified as the ideal solution by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority and by Telecom Italia for fences around radio and radar transmission and control towers.
  7. Colour: ATP’s profiles can be supplied with durable colours already incorporated. Special colours dramatically reduce environmental impact.
  8. Finish: Pultruded composites can be designed with an excellent surface finish, making supplementary painting or finishing unnecessary.