The Internet of Things: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

What is the Internet of Things?

When you think of all the things that could affect your day, what is it that you think of? How about “how am I going to automate my work”? Well the Adroit IoT company works in the field of IoT, but what is it? The Internet of Things (IoT) is the movement of physical devices to communicate wirelessly and store information online. Think of it as the next step in a network that connects humans and other physical devices to digital information via the internet. The devices connect and to the internet to exchange information. Examples of IoT devices are everything from your doorbell to your thermostat, your cars to your appliances and even your fridge. IoT devices allow different types of data to be shared between these physical devices. Data such as weather, location, sensor data and time are all stored on the cloud. The possibilities are endless and the range of possibilities are so varied, there is no way we can get them all into this post, but you will get the idea.

Who Uses It?

IoT is used by the following industries; Agriculture, Aquaculture like real-time water monitoring, Construction, A variety of industries are now exploring how IoT can be used to optimise their businesses. Some examples include Water and Water Purification. The IoT has great potential in water and water purification systems. Operating cost savings are expected to be higher than the cost of investment, with most estimates putting this figure between 10% and 30%. There are new water treatment products, which can make a profit by reducing the cost of water treatment with self-service treatment zones, reducing the operating cost of existing water treatment plants while protecting water quality with UV disinfection. They are providing a smart, easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective water treatment solution.

How Does It Work?

Companies offer the two most common technologies which are used to monitor and control the environment, providing solutions that provide actionable intelligence and status to both business and clients. We work with you to design a solution that meets your needs. The smart gadgets we supply include smart smoke and CO detectors, smart gas meters, smart water meters, lighting control systems, door controllers, room sensors, indoor air quality sensors and a wide variety of outdoor location-based systems. These can be installed indoors and outdoors and are fitted to many types of buildings, with the specific needs of a certain site or industry in mind.

Some examples of IoT.

Big Data analytics: For example, businesses can track the behaviour of customers using analytics, gaining insights into trends, habits and changing behaviours. You can use this information to send relevant, targeted adverts and respond to changing customer needs. Agriculture: Monitoring weeds with precision agriculture and weather data: Currently, only 2-3% of farmers have proper software in place. A current project is working with a New Zealand company to develop software that will be able to automate weed control. By analysing soil, weather and greenhouse data from all devices on farm plans to help reduce manual weed control processes by 80%.

How Can the Internet of Things Improve Your Business?

We are all surrounded by devices, sensors, sensor data, data analytics, and in the future, soon, internet-connected human beings, making more and more data available in real-time. How can this help your business? With the Internet of Things, we can start to see and make decisions based on data trends – taking action on this information. This means businesses can find real-time insights in order to make critical decisions in real-time. Businesses can analyse data trends to help customers by using IoT devices to collect data that would normally not be available. This enables organisations to find patterns, determine problems and take quick and accurate action to resolve issues. Or in the aquaculture industry even mussel farm monitoring!


When looking to implement an IoT project into your business, There are a few company\ies to turn to. They can offer complete IoT solutions with a strong focus on security and business-ready IoT monitoring.